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We at Delve Networks provide our best services of Website development to our valuable clients in Australia, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA) and Pakistan. We have the experts of Web development and designs of the latest trends. We know the social and internet marketing for the websites of our clients. Delve Networks have the experts of Agile and all other Web projects development frameworks and tools.

Planning and Analysis Strategy for Web Development

In this process first we work upon Requirements Analysis (SRS) with the help of our project management, development teams and product owner. After Requirement analysis we design Contract that defines different roles, copyright and business points. After this we design the structure and flow of the whole project. We select required software and resources with the advice of development team members and start the next phase.

Designing Sprints or chunks of our Project

In this phase we follow the following process.

  1. User story and tasks design
  2. Sprint planning and divide the whole project in chunks or sprints.
  3. Daily sprint work based on requirement’s analysis.
  4. Daily and monthly Scrum meeting.
  5. Review and approval cycle.
  6. New increment to the product backlog.
  7. Continue the process till project completion.

Development and Quality Assurance

In this process first we build development framework, programming for each logical section of the project, develop and Test products, processes and their interactivity, test and Verify product increment for the Quality Assurance (QA).

Review and launching of the final Product.

After client reviews and approval we transfer the project to live server. Testing of the whole project is accord and final browser’s responsiveness is checked. Finally, we deliver the project documentation or source files.

Website Development Services Worldwide.

In the last several years there was a rise in the amount of social networks websites aimed at different categories of intent users. Social networking web sites are regarded as the quickest growing area of internet use. These are places where individuals or groups of individuals can go to find buddies they’ve lost touch with or only to meet new individuals who share an interest. The latest trend on the internet today is linking one of the many social networking sites. With networking web sites, you will understand that the world is a place that is much smaller.

Marketing on Facebook is a trend setter crossing. You must produce a profile descriptive of you personally, your organization and accomplishments as it is more likely to attract visitors to the website. That’s an excellent way to construct new connections and is also an efficient way to advertise your products or services in addition to your business site. The bigger your group of buddies and contacts on Facebook, the faster you can start profiting from the list you’re creating as you start to add buddies of friends. You’ll also be capable to join groups and there’s a huge amount to select from.

You can join groups in almost all areas of expertise, and groups of interests like wealth creating, business mentoring, mind development, body building etc. This is also a perfect place to begin promoting and syndicate your personal or company blog via RSS! In addition, you’ll be capable to reach out to more individuals in addition to get a niche market for your services and products. These are just a few of the things which may be done on Facebook to construct a company from the ground up and prosper. It’s feasible for you to put your blog on your profile through RSS.


  • BASIC PACKAGE yearly plan
  • $79
  • Description With Tooltip
  • 5 Pages
  • Responsive Design
  • Attractive design
  • PRO PACKAGE yearly plan
  • $200
  • Description With Tooltip
  • 15 Pages
  • Responsive Design
  • Attractive design
  • DEVELOPER PACKAGE yearly plan
  • $109
  • Description With Tooltip
  • 10 Pages
  • Responsive Design
  • Attractive design

    Delve business Network services are available worldwide. We Offer Web Development, SEO & Advertisement, Telemarketing, VoIP, Call center Solution, Medical Billing, Customer Support, Travel & Tourism, Lead Generation and Quality Control Services.


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