Tanveer Aslam Raja (CEO and Chairman)

Mr. Tanveer Aslam Raja, Chairman and CEO

Mr. Tanveer Aslam Raja is the Chairman and CEO of Delve Business Network. Delve network is operating under his vision and direction. His skills, professional experiences and leadership abilities are the fuel to the Delve Business Network. His business objectives are to provide a learning environment to the youngsters, to decrease the ratio of unemployment in the society and utilize the best skills of his team to offer the best services in the IT and Corporate Industries.


Educational and Professional Background



Work Experiences

  1. Customer Care Services and Customer Relations
  2. Project management
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Seminar and Work shops Organization.
  5. Business Developement
  6. ERP
  7. Business Intelligence
  8. Business Process Re-Engineering
  9. Team Building
  10. Team Motivations
  11. Leads & Sales Generations
  12. Change Management
  13. Tasks Supervision
  14. Tasks Management




Managerial Skills :
Project Management, time and tasks estimation, resource allocation, project execution, product deployment
Team Management: skill development, training, tasks monitoring, counselling, conflict management, communication
Knowledge Management: Documentation, presentation, Designing Skill Development Programs
Interview Management: Analysis of candidates with respect to required skills, Conducting and creating Results
Business management: Setting Objective & Strategies and planning to achievement
Good Inter and Intra personal communication skills
Good Decision Making



Email: tanveeraslamraja@gmail.com

Phone: +92 312 5093959

    Delve business Network services are available worldwide. We Offer Web Development, SEO & Advertisement, Telemarketing, VoIP, Call center Solution, Medical Billing, Customer Support, Travel & Tourism, Lead Generation and Quality Control Services.


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